Protective Way Guards, Boots, Sleeves and Bellow Guards

OTCO Inc’s line of accordion style covers, boots, sleeves, way guard and bellow guards are designed to provide a protective shield for moving cylinder rods, actuators, shafts and screws, threaded spindles and linear way mechanisms.  OTCO’s accordion-fold bellow guards products will protect these assemblies from external dirt, chips and other abrasive debris that could contaminate lubrication systems and cause premature wear to vital components.

All this protection adds up to longer life for machinery!


OTCO Way Guards with retractable accordion construction are ideal for cross rails on millers, boring mills, planers and related machinery.


OTCO Boots & Sleeves are designed with the same accordion style fabric bellows that expand and contract equally for longer wear. They will provide a protective enclosure for moving rods, screws and shafts.  Although most applications require totally sewn construction, we can offer a split option (cut down open on one side) which would be an ideal choice to avoid machinery down-time because of disassemble of the shaft, rod or screws.

OTCO’s Boot Covers, Sleeves, and Bellow Guards can be made in many shapes: round, square, and rectangular to suit any type of application and operate in any position.

OTCO bellow guards can be manufactured with your choice of the following materials: Neoprene, Vinyl or Hypalon.

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All OTCO Inc. bellow covers are custom made and sewn to order.