LS-95 Loading Dock Seal

LS-95 Loading Dock Seal

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LS-95 Loading Dock Seal is ideal for door openings of 7’ to 10’ and 9’6” to 12’ high.

The seal will create a weather tight closure between the loading dock and truck, sealing the heated or cool air in.

LS-95 Loading Dock Seal feature two vertical side pads; usually wedge shaped in configuration, and is coupled with a head curtain. Side pads and curtain enables the unit to close off doors up 10’ wide and virtually any height. All dock seals come standard with treated wood backers, head curtain of 40 oz. vinyl with fire retardant corner wear pleats, and wear pleats options of 4” and 8”. Base material 22 oz. to 40 oz. Vinyl available in Black and Royal Blue in stock, call for pricing and availability on other color options. Hypalon and Neoprene are also available material options.

Brackets for mounting seal to building included. Anchor for mounting to building are not supplied.

For accurate quote please provide the following information:

  1. Door size
  2. Dock height
  3. Grade or rise in inch’s 60’ from dock
  4. Bumpers projection from wall to face of the bumper