RD-70 Rigid Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

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The RD-70 Rigid dock shelters give you full access for loading and unloading trucks. This unit has translucent sides and top to keep the areas bright.

OTCO RD-70 rigid dock shelters embodies two major considerations for any shelter buyer:

Energy Conservation: as the truck backs through the shelter top and side curtains that are fortified with built-in fiberglass stays that press firmly against the truck sides to form a strong seal. Curtains are made of 40oz. vinyl that join at the top and sides enhancing the seal and eliminates air gaps. Foam bottom draft pads then inhibit air infiltration from the bottom.

Sides are made using select treated lumber 2×4 sides using 2×6 for the header all trimmed with aluminum trim molding. Curtains are constructed using high tear high abrasion 40oz. UV rated vinyl. Standard angled brackets supplied for mounting seal to building

6” wide Steel supports quoted separate for each shelter as needed.