Locking Mail Bags

Locking Mail Bags

The Locking Mail Bag is the ideal solution for sending your valuables, cash, checks, mail, etc. back and forth between departments, buildings and branches.  With the tuff hide trim, hard molded bottom, durable hard or webbed handles and built in lock it is surely a valued product in every office, schools, government agencies, mail rooms or warehouse! Transport your valuables with in a safe secure way and ease of mind with the Locking Mail bags.

Locking Mail Bags Standard Size:

LMB18-14×18 LMB24-18×24 CE114-18×24



1000 Denier Nylon Basket Weave Nylon


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All locking mail bags come standard with high security built-in pop-up lock. Each lock comes with two keys per lock. Bags can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed.  Master keyed – all bags keyed different then you can order “X” number of master keys that can open all the bags. 

Extra Add-ons:
Cardholder, imprint, etc.

Bag comes standard with metal zipper, framed cardholder, tuff hide trim, and 2 hard handles or webbed handles attached at top.

All locking mail bags are custom made in the USA with hundreds of options of size, material, color, lock, and can be personalized with company name or logo.

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Extra Addons

Bag comes standard with metal zipper, framed cardholder, and tuff hide trim