Locking Night Deposit Bags (NDB)

Our Locking Night Deposit Bags are tamper-resistant lockable zipper bags which safely secures cash, checks, personal or confidential documents. Made out of your choice of durable fabric and have a built-in pop-up lock which is riveted to the bag and completed with a heavy duty security patch.   The locking night deposit bags are ideal for providing you with maximum security to documents, checks, cash and mail for storage or moving valuables from one location to another.  The durable fabrics will withstand the impact of drops for hundreds of trips as well as daily abuse.

Larger locking deposit bags are HIPAA compliant and are great for any need from banking bags, medical bags, document bags for businesses, retailers, government, medical and school facilities.

Standard Bag Features:

  •  Choose from your fabric options of…
    • Laminated Nylon
    • 1000 D. Nylon
    • #10 Canvas
    • Expanded Vinyl
  •  Choice of size of clear or framed identification window / cardholder
  •  High Security built-in pop-up lock riveted to bag – comes with two keys per bag with three different keying options
  •  Durable Nylon zipper which will last for years!

Locking Night Deposit Bags

All locking night deposit bags are custom made in the USA with hundreds of options of size, material, color, lock, and can be personalized with company name or logo.

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