Zipper Hood Cash BagZipper Hood Cash Bag

The cash bag has been popular since the early days of banking. Its simplicity is based on a unique time-tested method of securing the zipper with a standard padlock. The zipper pull is inserted through a a slotted brass zipper hood. The zipper is then secured by inserting the shackle of a padlock through the zipper pull. Bags are ideal for cash, checks and banking needs as well as medical bags, document bags for businesses, retailers, government, medical and school facilities.

Bags come standard with nylon zipper on short side and brass zipper hood to secure documents.

NOTE: Canvas material and Metal zipper on these bag are not recommended but can be done if requested.

All cash bags are custom made in the USA with hundreds of options of size, material, color, lock, and can be personalized with company name or logo.

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